Statistically, shared hosting servers on which almost 70% of entrepreneurs base their online shops, they get overloaded and breakdowns with a single row load:

~ 2 700 unique users

Active users

0 UU


16000 UU

How to handle the heavy traffic efficiently?

Every owner of a growing online store has to ask himself this question, sooner or later. On the occasion of marketing campaigns such as BlackFriday or CyberMondaybut also in the music industry, on the occasion of the launch pre-sales, the influx of user traffic to the store and the number of parallel transactions often over server capabilities of online shops and services, causing failures that prevent customers making a purchase. You can then use a staff of IT specialists who will coordinate the entire process or to invest into larger - and more expensive - servers that more or less guarantee to handle more traffic, but At the same time, they generate additional - often disproportionate - costs. This is why there is a growing interest rejoice virtual waiting room services, such as bettertraffic, which offer queuing traffic on external, independent and flexibly scaled servers, allowing you to efficiently and effectively handle any the amount of traffic in your online store or service, without any unpleasant surprises.

Potencjalna awaria serwera

Why is that so important?

  • Downtime generates losses

    Nearly 17% of users resign from a purchase, and over 23% of buyers translate their purchases into another, a "quieter" time when they experience server failure during sales or launches.*

  • The credibility and reputation of the store is declining

    Disappointed customers often spill the helium wave on social networking platforms in awe, lowering the reputation and reputation of the online store.*

  • High traffic = disproportionate costs

    41% of entrepreneurs record additional costs exceeding PLN 3 thousand, and about 11% of owners e-commerce platform in the event of server failure, the entire marketing campaign is not profitable, with which often involves paid social campaigns media and other costs.*

    source: proprietary development

Why bettertraffic?

bettertraffic is an innovative system of queuing traffic on a shop or a website, which functions as a virtual waiting room. With bettertraffic you have guarantee server stability and traffic flow, and above all, that all your clients will be Served. The virtual waiting room can be configured according to the needs and capabilities of the web shop server, and disable and enable queuing of traffic in any time. Integration with Google Analytics allows you to track user traffic and behavior in the queue, and the automatic system of blocking the session of shoppers ensures that shoppers will not cause congestion in the online store.

How does it work?

bettertraffic is scalable and proprietary solution-based service, that controls access to your website for all visitors. In short bettertraffic ensures the operation and availability of your website 24/7 no matter how much traffic there is on it.

Rozpoznanie potrzeb

Identification of needs

Fill in the form at the bottom of the page, call or write and let us prepare you for service every sale. Prepare information about the platform to be handled and the server parameters (optional), indicate also the date of the sale or cooperation model.

Implementacja i konfiguracja

Implementation and configuration

We will perform a pre-implementation analysis of your server and adjust the parameters of our system to the capabilities of your server, then we will implement and test bettertraffic, we will perform a number of simulations to make sure that the service will meet your needs.

Wsparcie sprzedaży

Sales support

On the day of the launch of the sales and queuing system we guarantee full 24h/7 support and monitoring the condition and quality of the queue. We will monitor not only the behavior of your server, but also the behavior of our servers maintaining the virtual waiting room. We will also monitor the statistics in the queue itself (this enables the integration of our system with Google Analytics).

Rozwój platformy

Platform development

Already in Q4 2020 we plan to launch a dedicated management panel for our customers. W practice means that you will be able to manage the Virtual Waiting Room on your site and you you decide when to turn it on or off, what session time limit to set or what buffer the transaction set. At any time, from any device.


In bettertraffic all implementations are priced individually, depending on the needs and capabilities of our customers. Below we present the estimated prices and implementation models of the virtual waiting room in your e-shop or service. The prices given are net prices.

One-off start-up

  • Customizing the queue screen template for the customer
  • Connecting the relevant links to social media
  • Support on the day of the event 24/7
  • Active queue for 48h
  • Better Traffic logo displayed

  • Dedicated queue screen template
  • Adding additional elements (e.g. a video)
  • Support on the day of the event 24/7
  • Active queue for 48h
  • No Better Traffic logo

PRICE - 1990 PLN

1 - 3 times

  • Customization of the queue screen template (logo + color scheme) - for max 3 events
  • Connecting the relevant links to social media
  • Support on the day of the event 24/7
  • The queue is active for 48 hours from the date of each event.

PRICE - 2090 PLN
  • Dedicated queue screen template
  • Free template changes for 3 events
  • No Better Traffic logo
  • Support on the day of the event 24/7
  • Queue active for 48 hours from the date of each event

PRICE - 1990 PLN

Abonament miesięczny

  • Scope of services as in the Standard version
  • All updates FREE
  • Technical support FREE
  • Unlimited number of events

Changes in the template - 150 PLN / H FIRST MONTH - 690 PLN THE FOLLOWING MONTHS - 390 PLN / MONTH
  • Service range as in the Custom version
  • All updates FREE
  • Technical support FREE
  • Unlimited number of events

Changes in the template - 110 PLN / H FIRST MONTH - 990 PLN THE FOLLOWING MONTHS- 520 PLN / MONTH


The main purpose of the waiting room bettertraffic is Maximize your revenue with a guarantee the proper functioning of your website while it is she's under a heavy load or movement is unpredictable.

Our product is ideal for any a website that receives large traffic jumps, exposing its availability or performance to risk. This includes many industries, including retail and electronic, ticketing, media and radio or educational and governmental websites.

There are many ways to make websites were more scalable and resistant to large traffic, and we're not gonna dissuade you from such solutions. bettertraffic you can to be the last line of defence when it comes to traffic jumps on the site. Rebuilding high scalable pages is expensive and time consuming a task that may sometimes prove to be unfeasible or unprofitable. It is also not always possible to determine how much traffic can be expected or when it could exactly overload your side. bettertraffic Ideal for peaks in traffic associated with sales events or seasonal activities.

Queuing customers when there are too many many, allows for effective and efficient management traffic and optimization of overall capacity of customers. We advise every company to do everything to ensure that her side is prepared well in advance to neatly to handle the traffic they expect at the moment. But even with proper planning, always there is a limit on page capacity and therefore the chance of getting more traffic than it can physically handle. Virtual waiting room gives transparency to customers who are waiting to enter to the site and make sure they get to the site if will remain in line.

The whole implementation rests on the shoulders of our team. From your side we expect you to choose the type of cooperation and the design of the waiting room appearance.

Tło strony

Compatibility with platforms:

3dcart i Better Traffic
Atomstore i Better Traffic
BigCommerce i Better Traffic
Magento i Better Traffic
PrestaShop i Better Traffic
shopify i Better Traffic
Squarespace i Better Traffic
Volusion i Better Traffic
Weebly i Better Traffic
Big Cartel i Better Traffic
Lightspeed i Better Traffic
WooCommerce i Better Traffic
2ClickShop i Better Traffic
Sky-Shop i Better Traffic
shopGold i Better Traffic
RedCart i Better Traffic
cStore i Better Traffic
IdoSell i Better Traffic
OpenCart i Better Traffic
osCommerce i Better Traffic
Shoper i Better Traffic
Shoplo i Better Traffic
Sote i Better Traffic i Better Traffic

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